Sorry Honey, I Only Want Your Money: These 5 Zodiacs Are Only Interested in Money

I bet at least once you have found yourself in a discussion about true love. Almost all people would do crazy things for the ones they love. But, according to the Zodiac, there are signs which would choose money over love.


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It is a well-known fact that relationships require a lot of work. Just as well as being rich. Both things are essential, but the second one is more important for the Taurus. They choose the latter if they have to choose between love and work. Being financially stable is more appealing to them.


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They like the thrill and having fun, and hanging out with the Gemini is never dull. However, the Gemini will write you off if you do not know how to have fun. They are restless and non-decisive. If they get serious, it is only about making money.


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