Six Biggest Male Horoscope Liars but Only He Is the Number 1

Lies are not always a bad thing sometimes, they are the only way to avoid an argument, but people still believe it is better, to tell the truth.

6. Gemini

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Their insincerity is often not intentional, but it still happens because Gemini often changes their minds. It is somehow difficult for them to stick to what they say, so they often turn out to be liars, even when it was not their intention at all.

5. Cancer

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The members of this sign are very creative, which allows them to quickly come up with lies on the spot. Crabs lie when they try to get out of trouble, so they will quickly come up with a whole scenario that acquits them of the accusation at the first sign that trouble is approaching.

4. Leo

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Lions are dramatic, and their need to be at the center of the harvest often inspires them to exaggerate. When they do, they just want to be more attractive, mainly because they find the truth boring.

3. Libra

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They lie to preserve the harmony they strive for so much when they lie. Of course, sometimes evil intentions are hidden behind their lies, but most of the time, they just try to be nice to everyone, even at the cost of the truth.

2. Capricorn

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Capricorns are practical beings, and their lies help them quickly get out of a situation they don’t want to be in. For example, Capricorn would rather say he doesn’t get to coffee than honestly tell the girl calling him that he just doesn’t like it. They see it as caring for others.

1. Pisces

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Friendly and full of compassion, Pisces will sometimes still play the card of martyrs, even if they have to lie to be convincing.

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