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She Was One Month Old When They Left Her at the Train Station, But God Had Different Plans

The one-month-old baby was left at the train station by her parents in China.

McKenzie was shocked in 2012, exactly nine years after being adopted, as she was singing the national anthem at a baseball league game. 

Little McKenzie was only a month old when she was left in a cardboard box at the train station. Today she is the pride of her adoptive parents.

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One of the most significant traumas for a child is losing its parents, and it is even worse being left behind.

On the other hand, some of those kids can lead happy and fulfilled lives and have touching and emotional life stories.

The baby left in the cardboard box was found on time and taken to an orphanage. 

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McKenzie Grace Walker is one of the babies who rose from the ashes. 

After being left in a box by her parents in China, she was found on time and taken to an orphanage. She stayed there for a year until 2003, when she was adopted by a caring Texas family.

Her new family realized very soon that McKenzie has a gift for music.

As soon as she learned to talk, she memorized lyrics by heart.

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They wanted to nurture her talent, and by the time she turned five, they took her to singing lessons and even found a manager.

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