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She Was Called Names All the Time, But Something in Her Snapped When Her Boyfriend Said She Was “Fat Piece of Garbage”

If in one relationship there is lack of respect and support, and one of the partners constantly tries to undermine the other person, that might be a sign of a toxic relationship.

These people tend to be superior over their partners, believing they are better, more successful, and more good looking, and many times abusive and violent. Those who never found themselves in a relationship like this might wonder why wouldn’t someone simply walk away from that kind of negative influence in their life, but that’s not as easy as it seems.

Alvina Rayne knows that best. She experienced being bullied and humiliated by her partner which made her find comfort in the junk food. As a result, her health condition worsened over the years and at her heaviest she weighted 274 pounds. She was called names all the time, but something in her snapped when she was called a “fat piece of garbage.”


This mother of two not only gained weight, but she was depressed as well. Both her physical and mental state were affected by the way she was treated by the one who was supposed to protect her and love her.

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