Once a Mistress, Always the Mistress: 7 Signs He Won’t Ever Leave His Wife Because of You

For some women, entering into a relationship with a married man is just an affair. While on the other hand, there are women who have entered into a relationship, but they hope that it will only be hers, in fact, that they will divorce.

Psychotherapist Aina Gromova explains the signs that clearly show that a man will not divorce his wife because of you. 


Man with His Hand in His Pocket

His time is not just about you. He is not overly interested in your time and how you spend it when he is not there.

Whether you go out, go for a walk, or a meeting is not in his sphere of interest. He is usually there for his wishes and needs when he is with you. Also, your friends, family, co-workers, etc., are not something that interests him.

This all suggests that you are not fully involved in his life. He has his own plans, most often with his family.


Man Crossed Arms

Plans for the future are a taboo topic for him. So when you try to make plans for the future and pass them on to him, it is a taboo topic for him.

He lives now and at this moment. He doesn’t make plans with you and doesn’t promise anything. There is no clear thinking about your shared future. Suppose he clearly avoids this topic in conversation with you. In that case, it is a clear signal to you that he has no serious intentions.


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