Not The Husband Material: 3 Zodiacs You Don’t Want to Marry

According to Zodiac, Water signs are seen as passive partners, Fire signs as jealous and possessive, and the Air ones liberal. On the other hand, earth signs are very critical and their good side is being open-minded. Here are the three Zodiacs which make the worst husbands. 


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Although they hide it well, they are very jealous and insecure. Virgo stars show their weakness in time, usually when they feel safe. They love control and manipulation – this is why you want to avoid them. 


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For Taurus, it is about a career; they even put it before marriage and kids. They are responsible and tend to work overtime. They even prefer that instead of a night in with the wife. 

At the same time, they are hedonists, known for their gallantry (this is popular with the ladies). They shower their lady with gifts and compliments to make up for their time in the office.


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Pisces adores the toxic relationship. Males of this Zodiac are known for their limitless understanding and sensibility. This makes them a wanted partner. Unfortunately, they meet the wrong person who doesn’t appreciate their qualities. As a result, they are gullible and incredibly insecure.


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