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Mourning Mom Sells Stillborn Baby’s Crib For $2: A Week Later, Buyer Returns It Transformed

Expecting a baby has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Just thinking of the happy times that follow with the birth of that bundle of joy causes excitement at the parents-to-be.

A woman named Valerie Watts was looking forward to seeing her baby’s face, but her happiness and heart were crushed when she gave birth to a stillborn baby boy.
Her pregnancy was developing great throughout the whole time, but then, all of a sudden, that changed.


“All week, I knew,” Watts reflected. “He wasn’t moving as much. I was very nervous.”

Baby Noah’s umbilical cord become pinched in the womb, and his life ended before it even started.

Watts couldn’t get over the sadness. Although her baby didn’t make it, she wasn’t ready to part with the crib she bought for him, and keeping it home was a reminder of the tragedy that struck her.

She was kind of hesitant,” Gerald Kumpula recalled. “I knew that maybe she didn’t want to sell it, but yet, she did.”


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