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Mom Finally Gets Pregnant After Years of Trying. Few Days Later, Doctor Calls In Panic And Confesses Terrifying Mistake

Most couples that get married want to start a family at some point. But wanting a family and not being able to must be unbearable. Some couples go to extreme lengths to conceive.

Carolyn and Sean Savage were one of those couples.  Instead of Carolyn having positive pregnancy test Carolyn would just continue getting her period.  Each month was mentally and emotionally draining.  When she would become pregnant her dreams would be crushed when miscarriages happened.

The couple turned to in vitro fertilization like so many couples in the same situation.

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Married in 1993 the couple tried and tried but it simply wouldn’t happen naturally.  They celebrated their 1 year anniversary with the birth of their first baby.  The second child came soon after with the help of fertility treatments.

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Fast forward 10 years after trying test tube fertilization in 2007 their daughter Mary Kate was born.

2009 Carolyn had embryos implanted to attempt to have child number 4. With the news that the IVF treatment was successful the couples lives were changed forever.

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Only days into the pregnancy the couple received terrible news…the embryos had mistakingly been mixed up.  The baby she was carrying wasn’t hers!

The Savage’s were forced to make the hardest decision of their lives. Should they abort the baby or give the baby to the biological parents?

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