Model who Spent $600k to Look Like Kim Kardashian Is Now Spending $120k to do This!

A former Versace who spent 600,000 dollars to transform her looks to look like Kim Kardashian is now spending 120,000 dollars to revert the whole procedure.

29-year-old Jennifer Pamplona, who went through right around forty restorative medical procedures over the most recent twelve years to seem to be the model and media character Kimberly Kardashian, presently says she no longer needs to seem to be her.


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Speaking with the Caters News Agency, the Brazilian-born model said,

People would call me a Kardashian and it started to get annoying. I had worked and studied and was a businesswoman. I had done all these things and had all these achievements in my personal life, but I was only being recognized because I looked like a Kardashian.

Jennifer got her first surgery in 2010 at the age of 17, when the Kardashians first rose to fame. According to New York Times, after her first surgery, she became addicted and decided to completely transform her looks.

 “I had worked and studied, and I became a businesswoman; I have launched my own cosmetics company, made investments, and have also done some acting on the side.”


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The model said she underwent more than forty procedures, including rhinoplasties, multiple bottom implants, and several fat injections.

“If I was to guess, it is over 40. It was an addiction and I got into a cycle of surgery equals fame and money, I just lost control of everything I went through a lot of hard times.” She added.


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