Marriage Is Not for Me: 4 Zodiacs Which Never Want to Marry

They like their freedom and are always waiting for someone better to come along. But, unfortunately, saying “I do “is not in their future. So, while some fantasize about their dream wedding, some think getting married is a nightmare. 

These Zodiacs will never get married : 


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Sagittarius likes freedom and is not needy – they hate needy people. So forever is not for them.


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This Zodiac likes doing unusual things, and it values its independence. Unfortunately, marriage means doing the same things every day and sharing your space with someone else – to an Aquarius, this seems like a nightmare.


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It is not that Leo doesn’t want to settle down, but they just don’t want anything but the best. So they always strive for better, even if what they have is already pretty good.


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The stubborn Taurus doesn’t want to hear about compromising, which is one of the main principles of marriage. Instead, Taurus likes its freedom, and the wedding sounds like a prison.

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