Mama, I’m In Love with A Criminal: 6 Zodiacs That Consistently Break the Rules

They say that some signs like crossing the boundaries more than others. Some are badass who like breaking the rules. Sometimes people find this trait adorable, while sometimes, it is a sign to run away.

The impulsive Aries 

mus par 29  Aries always looks for a chance to show just how badass it is. Sometimes impulsive, he believes that rules are meant to be broken. But, he constantly tests the boundaries to see how far they can go.

He won’t run away and hide if he gets caught. He will always put up a fight and face up to the consequence.

The clumsy Taurus mus par 28

The Taurus tends to be clumsy and always gets caught in the act. Despite that, he is still the most dangerous Zodiac. As stubborn as it is, it will not stop until it gets what it wants.

When a Taurus wants something, nothing can get in its way. Greedy and possessive, he won’t have a problem fighting with anyone who is stopping him in his intentions. So if your partner is a Taurus, you should sleep with one eye open.

The meanest of them all, Cancer

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Although it seems impossible, Cancer is the meanest Zodiac. The fact that people underestimate him makes it even meaner. It strikes when you least expect it.

His view of reality is unclear, and he uses his restless attitude to get in trouble. Cancer is known for deceiving others and following his gut. This is the biggest reason it gets into trouble.

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