Loyalty Is Not in His Blood: If He Cheated on His Ex, Will He Do It Again?

A new study shows that your mother knows best – if he cheated once, he would do it again. 

A study by a student Kayla Nap of the University of Denver confirmed that people who cheated in the past would do it again.

A long-term study followed 484 single people for 5 years and did a questionnaire about their love life every 6 months. 

32% of subjects confessed to cheating on their partner, and 45% said they had done it again with a new partner. On the other hand, only 18% of those who didn’t cheat before have done it to a new partner.

We are sad to tell you, but if you are seeing a boy with a bad reputation, he will likely do the same to you.

It is not familiar why people keep on cheating.

Do they have less appreciation for loyalty? Did they pick it up from someone? Not knowing the person’s reason makes it hard to see if they are faithful or not. 

The study also shows that people who cheated will live through this again.

These people either hang out in circles where they can’t find someone reliable or are so used to it that it has become routine.

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