Little Secrets of Great Seducers: A Wise Woman Does Not Talk Much, She Seduces with This

A woman needs no words to seduce a man; she can just as well do it with a gaze.

Sometimes your eyes speak instead of your mouth – they can tell people what you think. We use our eyes to connect, communicate and seduce. Here are a few tips on how to let someone you like with your eyes: 


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Our eyes show our personality, how we see others, how free-minded we are, and how good we are at flirting. Shy women cannot look you in the eyes and show they are not ready to play the seduction game.

Open-minded and more experienced women do it a bit differently. They can look a man directly in the eye for a few moments. This is how she lets him know she is interested. If you are the first kind of woman, feel free to practice first. 

Casually look people in their eyes to feel more comfortable flirting with your crush.

LET YOUR EYES DO THE TALKINGmen's blue plaid button-up shirt

First, look at his eyes and then go down to his lips. This is one of the ways to let a man know you are into him. He may think you want to kiss him.

However, if you stare at his lips, he may feel uncomfortable. So you look into his eyes and then his lips, so it is seductive but not creepy.


This is a move straight out of a playbook. This move highlights a woman’s energy, and for some reason, men are crazy over it. But, no matter which tactic you choose, just remember THE EYES CHICO, THEY NEVER wearing black crew-neck shirt

It all starts with the gaze into each other’s eyes, so you better be ready.

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