Kylie Jenner Shares Rare Photo of Her Baby Boy with Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner offered fans another rare glimpse at her and Travis Scott’s now-3-month-old son, whose name has yet to be revealed publicly. The Kylie Cosmetics founder posted on her Instagram Story a photo of the baby’s little feet peeking out from the bottom of a Fisher Price Jumperoo. His 4-year-old sister Stormi Webster’s feet are seen next to his.

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Kylie captioned her post, “I made these little feet.”

Since giving birth to her son on Feb. 2, the reality star has occasionally offered glimpses of the child but has yet to post an actual photo of his face.

Kylie and Travis have also not yet revealed their baby’s new name since the reality star announced in March that he was no longer named Wolf—a name her sister Khloe Kardashian revealed on a May 26 episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast that she came up with.

“She said she wanted a list of names,” Khloe said. “I gave a list of names. And I don’t know if she said only W names. But there was a lot of W names.”

The Good American founder added, “I’m not offended that she doesn’t like Wolf.”

On Feb. 2, 2022, Kylie gave birth to her and Travis’ second child and first son, via Eonline. He joined big sister Stormi Webster, 4. The couple originally named him Wolf, but Kylie later revealed that that was no longer his name. She has not yet revealed his new one.

In the months following his birth, Kylie has shared rare glimpses of her baby boy.

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In late May 2022, Kylie shared this pic of her baby boy in a Fisher-Price Jumperoo, appearing next to Stormi. The Kylie Cosmetics founder wrote, “I made these little feet.”

Happy Mother’s Day

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In mid-May 2022, on Mother’s Day, Kylie posted a video documenting moments from her pregnancy with her son. It included footage of a 3-D sonogram from an MFM’s office and a shot of herself holding her baby’s hand.

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