If You End Up in One Of These 5 Situations, Run Away and Never Look Back

From ultimatums to making a decision together to end it – everyone has been in these situations at least once. Although it may be a bit hard at the time at first, some people find it very freeing.

Everyone has experienced a breakup at least once in life. How much of an impact it has depends on how deep our connection was, if you still have feelings for your ex and whether or not you are ready to move on. A breakup can be a mutual decision or a one-way street. It also means you can become heartbroken on various days.


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After a couple of years spent together, the time has come to go your own way. The couple made a mutual decision that there was nothing to save. This kind of breakup may be painful, but it can be freeing.

Type 2: Out of the blue, break up

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Life has been decided for the couple. The couple had to break –up because of long-distance, new school, or new job overseas. This is usually a new relationship, ad neither person wants to make a sacrifice for the connection.

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