I Will Make You Mine: 4 Ways to Make Him Fall For You Forever

If you want to seduce a man you like, the best way is by being mysterious. So naturally, he will want to know what is behind the seductive and secretive girl.

Women like Merlyn Monroe have kept men in the shadow- they couldn’t figure if she was a seductive, stupid blonde or a shy beauty. You will also seduce your crush if you keep a little mystery.


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We have all been told we should act hard to get so that the boys will be interested. However, there is an issue: you can take the cold act a bit too far. People, who are too uninterested, often leave a wrong impression.

Your cold attitude can make your crush think you are not interested. But, on the other hand, he will find someone else who will warm up to him. 

Instead of constant rejection, you should play just a little hesitation game. Flirt with him so he knows you are into him but don’t go too far. Just give him a spoonful of attention to make his imagination run wild.

Let him know you like him but in a subtle way. 


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We have all witnessed tasteless seduction: women sitting in a man’s lap or men grabbing women inappropriately and in public.

Classy flirting starts with mysterious gazing, not touching. To start flirting with someone you like, you have to make eye contact first. It is the best way to let him know you are interested, with a look filled with feelings.

One study was interested in the baby’s reaction to the mother’s mouth and nose being covered up, and only her eyes were visible. When the mother smiled, the baby could recognize it was her mother and would giggle. If the mother was sad m the baby would know too. This says that looking into your eyes will tell your crush a lot.

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