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I Ain’t Got Time for That: Only Strong Women Do Not Waste Time on These 5 Things

Strong women know how to detect a person or a habit that doesn’t bring joy. 

In this text, you can read what things a strong woman will not put up with, and maybe you can become one! 

5. Trying to cut my wings 

A strong woman cannot be put under control. She always wants to soar. She constantly learns and grows.

She is goal-oriented and cannot stand people being in her way. She doesn’t like it when someone is trying to crush her spirit.

4. Lack of respect 

She doesn’t mind you having a different opinion. She will have respect for your statement and will appreciate constructive criticism. But, on the other hand, she is not a fan of someone being disrespectful. So if you have some gender discrimination in your vocabulary, you better keep quiet.

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