How Many Men Were Before Me: Why Is a Number So Important for Him

Even though we have become $exually liberal, men still seem to care about the number of partners their lady has had. 

A long time ago, one-night stands were kept a secret, while today, it has become a trend. This is because the moral values have changed, and the number of partners rising is becoming acceptable.

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We have asked men how vital the number of women’s se*ual partners is. We were surprised by how narrow-minded the men were. It turns out they still want to be the first one she had. If he is not the first one, then the lady is loose. 

A (28) said that a considerable number would turn him off – the bigger the number, the worse. The reason is the risk of getting a $exually transmitted disease.

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M (27) said he could not handle a number bigger than 10.

I (37) said that a number of the partner she had says if she is girlfriend material or not. So if I am looking for a girlfriend, the number plays an important role.

C (24) says that a girl to his taste is not the one who changed partners. However, too big numbers come with age, so I prefer the young ones.

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D (41) says that the number is essential, and he would only take a high number as a one-night stand.

L (25) stated that he certainly doesn’t want a hoe, which has been with half of the town.

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