Horoscope Signs Listed by Their Dark Side: For This Sign Everything in Life Is Black

Welcome to the dark side, where cookies are always made of chocolate, and chocolate is plentiful. And more than that.

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Here’s what it’s all about: we’re not all born with just one personality – even our horoscope proves it – and many of us have been falling more and more in love with the dark things in life over the years. Maybe it’s just a need for fantasy, or perhaps we’re just polarized creatures who need something a little off the “menu” A and a little off the “menu” B.

Diversity is the spice of life, and we must consider that many of these spices are strange, writes Your Tango.

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Can a tendency to dark thinking stem from a zodiac sign? Oh yes. And while every sign is capable of every kind of thinking and behaving, we strive to act following our sign, whether we are aware of it or not.

I am an extremely dark person. Someone once said that my aura was black and sounded so offensive, but I was still in tune with it.

And so, if we could rank the zodiac signs according to their dark inclinations, who would give a rating?

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And who could be spared darkness? After all, they say it’s fun to laugh at sinners, more than to cry for the saints, but again, that’s just what my dark side says.

Let’s look at the zodiac signs list with the darkest mind, from the darkest to the darkest.

12. Cancer

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Your sign is associated with staying home, and that’s the kind of personality you have. Cancer is basically afraid of the dark. It is guided by the moon, but the moonlight reflects the sun.

It has no light of its own. Cancer wants freedom of light and a complete absence of darkness.

11. Leo

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Like Aries, Leo simply cannot live where the spotlight is off. They do not tolerate supporting roles in life. He loves light, life, approval, and recognition.

You will never see a single Lion dressed in black with “ghosts” and “goblins.”

10. Aries

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Aries tries to be dark but always realizes that he can achieve much more with a more relaxed and cheerful attitude. Aries is associated with war because of its ruler – the planet Mars.

So the joke here is that Aries loves light but doesn’t dismiss the idea of ​​a massive, bloody battle.

9. Pisces

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The dark side of Pisces is manifested in her role as a victim and in how much you can pity her at all times.

They are not particularly imaginative in terms of dark thoughts. Still, they are masters when it comes to putting themselves in the spotlight.

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