Horoscope Signs and Their True Weaknesses

Each sign has its weaknesses, but we forget that weaknesses are the greatest strength. It is an opportunity to accept ourselves from our Shadow or dark deed and thus realize in relationships that everything that makes us angry at our partner actually belongs to ourselves.

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That fact allows us to love the mature, and the path to that offers the weaknesses of each sign.

Thus the Virgo is prone to guilt. She finds it harder to grow up and accepts responsibility for bringing shame. Virgo is characterized by low sensitivity, so she prefers to enjoy the experience of her own moral correctness, which is why she tends to hypocritically restrain her weakness in expression.

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Aries is too proud to satisfy his arrogance with her public manifestation, as does the Libra type, who is not naturally a slave to his feelings. Instead, Aries should turn to real courage and strengthening of will, and not to impulsiveness, which he calls justice and courage.

Libra uses feelings to manipulate other people to achieve its ultimate effect – an imaginary notion of self-worth and greatness in another person. If Libra turns to real feelings and compassion, he will become aware of his weakness. Scorpio is oriented towards the abuse of sensory experiences, which is why it goes to the other extreme, such as the asceticism with which it is punished. Balance is most important for Scorpio.

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Sagittarius struggles with arrogance and megalomania, as well as superficiality. Still, if he turns to discipline and actual knowledge through humility, he can become aware of his Shadow. Leo has problems with the will to power. Patience and service need to be learned. Gemini’s weakness is selfishness, selfishness, and indecision.

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