Horoscope Says: She Have the Most Powerful Mind in Zodiac

She has a mission to be a hero and to knock other people off their feet with knowledge and intellect. It is ruled by Earth, which is why it is practical and bases its thoughts on reality, not imagination.

He walks through life with his feet firmly on the ground, walking gracefully and gently in his prudent reality. Focused on details, this is a “dynamite woman” who literally thinks of everything and you can always count on.

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He approaches everything systematically and loves planning routines. He prefers to spend his free time on long walks in nature or to work in the garden.

Her great virtue is that she consistently and everywhere arrives on time. She may look cold and absent, but she is shy and indecisive.

Love and relationships

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Completely committed when in a relationship, Virgo is reliable and loyal and measures every detail before completely surrendering to someone. She would rather be alone than with the wrong person – she is not just looking for the right one, she is looking for the perfect one.

This does not mean that he is looking for someone perfect (because such a person does not exist), but someone with whom he will get along ideally. Details are also crucial to her in love, so she expects “spices” like flowers, scented candles, and foreplay in her bedroom from her partner.

Modest and conservative in many areas of life, Virgo is not prone to big experiments in bed (although this possibility should not be completely ruled out) and likes her partner to take the initiative. Strictly to herself, her partner’s confirmation that everything is going well in bed is essential to her. It goes best with Scorpio, Gemini, Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn.


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Reliable and always helpful, the Virgo friend will be there for every important event in the lives of her friends. Also, she will never forget the birthdays of the important people to her. Her critical nature and practical personality make her a friend who knows how to give great advice, but only when asked because she does not “interfere” on her own initiative in other people’s things.

When they want to thank her for her help, her friends should do it discreetly. Virgos are skeptical of big gestures and loud expressions of emotions. Higher prices are simpler and quieter outbursts of gratitude.

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