Horoscope Reveals What Kind of Women Men Like: Aries Skinny, Capricorn Elderly and This Sign Loves Dominant


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He mustn’t have to make too many compromises. So, he needs a woman who will adapt to him and to whom he will always be in the first place. He sees the confirmation of his masculinity in the fact that for her, he is always the most beautiful, the most handsome, the smartest and that he is the first in everything.

Instead, he would choose a girl with less experience who had fewer emotional partners. He needs a woman who will have enough understanding for his temperament at all times and next to whom he will be able to be the “head of the house”. Aries prefers thinner girls, redheads or blondes with blue or green eyes.


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It is of great importance to him that his chosen one is good in bed and in the kitchen. The kitchen maybe, in fact, is of essential significance. He needs a woman next to whom he has peace and can enjoy and relax. They don’t like girls who talk too much or raise tension around every little thing.

He will choose a hedonistic soul similar to himself. He will be able to enjoy good wine and various specialties. If you marry Taurus, you will forever adapt to his planned and organized life. They like tidy girls who smell good, with make-up, style, and a good wardrobe. If you are overweight, it will certainly not bother them – Bulls like women to be feminine and with curves writes


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This character is primarily looking for a fun woman who has a sense of humor. He needs to feel energetic next to his chosen one and it can be said that he is undoubtedly younger than his age. If you are ready for a life full of various changes and adventures, he is your ideal partner.

Boring stories about obligations and finances do not excite him at all. He needs a smiling woman, always full of optimism and childish naivete. Gemini, like Aries, prefers girls with thinner builds. Still, they don’t have a specific type of girl, considering that they like to “paint” and would try anything.”


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He is looking for a woman who will please him and be his “second mother” in many situations. He needs a protective partner next to whom he will feel protected without diminishing his sense of masculinity. If you disagree with his mother or sister, you can forget about this relationship. The ideal woman must be on good terms with her family, his number one priority.

He will immediately talk about children and creating a community if he sincerely loves you. Cancer needs to be a good cook, but more important than that is to be warm as a person. Cancers are preferred by girls with curves, and their breasts are significant. They often choose partners with lighter hair or eye color.


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If you plan to marry Leo, prepare to be an eternal audience. He needs a woman who will always have enough attention for him and his various performances. Sometimes he will be more demanding than a child. He constantly needs to be pampered with numerous little things. However, he is very gallant and generous, so he will make up for it on the other side.

He needs a warm and emotional heart partner and does not like frigid women. Lions choose attractive girls, and they are no strangers to girls with silicones or just a few artificial accessories such as nails, hair, etc. It is essential to attract the attention of everyone around him so that he wants to win you over as a trophy.


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He is looking for the perfect flawless woman. But, unfortunately, you didn’t find each other, did you? That is why male Virgos are often left alone. However, suppose you are really determined to marry him. In that case, you will have to be as close as possible to achieving the perfection of his vision of an ideal wife. This certainly includes cooking, ironing, tidying up the house, as well as always being clean and tidy.

It is more vital for him to have neatly cut nails than fixing his hair or putting on make-up. Virgos are not attracted to overly intrusive partners. They will prefer to choose a sweet and charismatic, slightly shy girl with a smaller or indeed harmonious body structure…


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