Horoscope Reveals Is He Faithful: Taurus Don’t Like to Seduce, Cancers Are the Most Faithful

The horoscope reveals whether a man is faithful to you. If you do not know the complete natal chart of your man, boyfriend, or husband, we can find out something through the position of the Sun in its sign. You never know if this information will be crucial to you to put yourself in a partnership. Therefore…


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When we think of the sign of Aries, especially of the man of this sign, we see fire, a blazing fire. However, suppose you are in a relationship with Aries. In that case, he will direct that “fire” towards you rather than scattering it in all directions. Why is that so? Aries men are, above all sincere, honest to hide their deception. They don’t have time to hide behind a bunch of lies, and they just wouldn’t have an idea to come up with them.

So, my dears, you can rest easy when it comes to this man. Aries loves clarity in relationships, especially partnerships, so pay attention yourself if you are prone to such “outings”. If you have not agreed for some time, be sure that you will be deceived, but quickly replaced by a more interesting partner. If your man has an Aries Moon, then the word “infidelity” is not foreign to him.


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We have one man who is sluggish to indulge in innovations if he has a satisfying partner by his side. This man is faithful, especially if you have satisfied all his hedonistic needs. At the same time, you are a beautiful “Venus” – translated as a feminine, gentle, stable lady. This kind of man always strives for a secure partner story. Its durable construction in other fields (business, public…) is in partnership and marriage.

He starts from that and that is why it is essential for him to function flawlessly and for everything to be stable. Unfortunately, for some women, he is too slow. If he does not feel enough attention and does not represent him in the right way, he will not give up the search for what he wants. You will find out quickly, either through a shared bed, which he will stop sharing with you, or it is a “shared” meal, which you will dine alone.


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We have one seducer on the scene when winning is more of a game. Witty, fickle, cheerful, all these qualities come to the fore in new relationships, which for him are primarily interesting research, even though he usually does not bring them to an end. The very act of that game raises his libido. If you are the girlfriend or wife of this changeable air sign, you must be aware that it is mainly done for fun, and even some hidden proof is still in shape.

This is especially true for Geminis, who have laid the Moon in that sign. If you are in his heart, your place is guaranteed, so he will look at it as something normal. His adventures are part of some exciting stories that do not influence his choice. He can even seduce several women at one time and give up on them at the last second.


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When we talk about this sign, our first association is home, home, family. But Cancer men are among the most unfaithful men in the entire zodiac. He can bind his partner tightly to himself while still having another relationship. He will be earnest in both relationships. Sometimes he chooses partners who will remind him of their mothers. First, they commit to a family, and then they have a wife or woman with whom they want to have se*ual fantasies.

They know how to be contradictory in love relationships and have been looking for each other for a long time. If a man has the Moon laid next to the Sun in the sign of Cancer, he will look for a gentle, sensitive and motherly-minded woman next to whom he knows how to be faithful.


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These men will cheat to prove themselves. They often know how to doubt their potency and even to prove that it cannot be controlled. He knows how to be surrounded by many women just to prove his masculine ego, and in essence, he is a being who seeks tenderness and love. A woman who wants a man like this must be stronger than him. If you have control and let him go, he will come back to you like a “wet kitten”.

She mostly aspires to a strong, self-aware woman, who knows what she wants, and yet to be the one to ask what she needs. The Moon in Leo encourages all of the above in a man. Still, he will not start with infidelity, if enough attention is paid to him.


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Not all Virgo men are unfaithful, but you will be surprised how many of them hide the trait of a perfect seducer. If you are a partner to this man, it will be difficult for you to discover his infidelity. There are no fire trips with him, but everything goes according to its schedule and course.

A Virgo man can be a perfect husband. Then one day he will discover that he has had two parallel relationships for a long time, two parallel lives. If the Moon is in this sign, he will be insecure in his conquests, and he often becomes a loner.

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