He Already Moved On: 10 Signs That He Will Leave You

He is becoming distant and cold, and you are becoming suspicious. Let us see what he does when he is no longer interested in you. Ghosting is the latest trend when it comes to relationships.

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The concept is simple – everything seems okay, you start off excellent, and then he suddenly ghosts you. 

Men are doing it more and more, and here is how to figure out if your man is also doing it : 

10. He avoids arguments and disappears every time you say that you need to talk about it 

9. He is very active on social media and flirts with other women 

8. You feel like he is using you to fill some void 

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7. He is strange and moody when you are around 

6. he is becoming more and more distant 

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5. You spend less time together 

4. You just have a gut feeling that something is wrong

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3. It seems he starts arguing with you on purpose

2. Sex is becoming tiresome because he has lost interest

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1. His texts come late, and they lack emotions

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