HAPPY WIFE – HAPPY LIFE: How a real man should treat his woman

Every marriage has its own rhythm, and every married couple has their own needs and desires.

A famous writer Olga Roya says that if a woman is happy, that’s half of the work for a happy relationship. She also says that a real man would never let his lover feel unhappy.


Everyone has their own perception of misery. However, most women are happy when they spend time with their men – going to the movies, taking a walk, date nights. For some women, happiness comes in the form of flowers.

If a woman hasn’t gotten a rose in a long time and some holiday is around the corner, she will become sad. It is also crucial that a husband does some chores – believe us, many women find this sexy.


Another thing that makes a woman less sad is physical contact. Such a woman will be sad if she and her husband are separated and will wear his clothes to feel closer to him.

If a man really knows his wife, he won’t have difficulty keeping her happy. You cannot make a woman happy by buying her expensive gifts. She just needs your time and attention.


Women are aware of how beautiful they are, even if they say the opposite. But, nonetheless, they still want their husbands to tell them how beautiful they are every day.

When a man compliments a woman, she smiles and thanks to him for it. But she never gets tired of you telling her she is the prettiest.


It doesn’t matter what it is exactly you do as long as she is happy. Just remember: HAPPY WIFE MEANS HAPPY LIFE.

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