If You Are in Your 40s, These Are The Habits You Must Get Rid Of

Ignoring stress is very bad for your heart in the long run. So instead, find time to meditate and relax.

The forties are the new thirties, they say. And they are not telling the truth, of course, because you will mostly survive the first forty years of life feeling indestructible, without significant health problems and difficulties. But, still, after that… it’s time to pay the bills.

zwna LA 14 For this reason, we list a few bad habits that you should lose by that famous round called ’40th birthday’ if you want a healthy heart and a normal life.

Hang out – social isolation is very bad for the heart and psyche. So get off that couch and go out among your friends.zwna LA 16

Don’t stop exercising – ignoring stress is very bad for your heart in the long run. Instead, find time to meditate and relax. You don’t exercise – if you don’t have the habit of exercising by the age of 40, you probably won’t either.zwna LA 17

Excessive exercise – push yourself to the limit and do not warm up. You act like you’re 20 and you’re not. 45 minutes of physical activity three times a week is enough.

Smoking – The average person tries to quit 7 to 10 times before they really succeed, so don’t give up.zwna LA 31

Excess weight is not just an aesthetic problem. It also burdens the heart, and after 40, the metabolism slows down visibly, so you will have huge problems if you want to lose weight. So, be smart!

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