Everything Every Man Wants to Hear: Libra Support, Scorpio Truth

Grand gestures are lovely but rare. What matters in a relationship are those little everyday things you do for your partner that make you feel better and make your love and passion last.

Everyone needs a nice word of encouragement from time to time, a declaration of love to feel important to your partner. These little things make life, and according to the zodiac sign, you could get a rough idea of ​​what your man needs to hear to feel good and return the love.


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Aries man needs your opinion and must know that you are ready for everything. Don’t hold back, even though your views differ. Praise him sometimes – with these short but sweet statements you will empower him because beneath his firm exterior there is also a bit of insecurity.


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Tell him a funny story or joke because Taurus love to laugh. If, in addition, they feel your loyalty and reliability, they will never let you out of their hands.


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Gemini wants to hear from your partner’s intelligent statements, theories about the world, your thoughts, and what you have just read. Show him your world knowledge, share your opinion with him and stimulate discussion. The twins love conversations to broaden their horizons, learn something new and share their views about the world.


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Cancer needs someone to convince them that they will be with them to the end no matter what. They are very sensitive and do not hide their feelings well, so the person they are with must accept them and not condemn them.

5. LEO

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Praise. Leo wants to hear praise and sincere from the heart. So if you honestly tell Leo what you feel and think or want, he will be yours for the rest of the time. Plus, if you know how to have fun and you’re interesting, you’ll be attracted to it by magnetic force.


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They are otherwise very prone to criticism, but self-criticism is deadly. Virgo needs to hear from her partner praise for her work because she will never praise or reward herself.

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