Every Horoscope Sign Has a Terrible Secret: This Is Yours

Every zodiac sign has a creepy secret that it tries to hide or cover up to make people think they are a better person than they really are.


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Your scariest secret: Never, but never, have you gotten anything fair in your life. No matter the situation, you have always cheated.


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Your scariest secret: You firmly believe that you are the most handsome person you know. In fact, not only the most beautiful you know but the most you have ever seen.


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Your scariest secret: You break up friendships and relationships for the most superficial reasons possible. Then, of course, you may tell your remaining friends that it is because the person is disorganized or completely insane. Still, you indeed left her because you didn’t like the music she listened to.


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Your scariest secret: You don’t love any of your friends. Seriously. Every time you are with them, you wonder how they ended up in your life. However, you enjoy that hatred for some bizarre reason and that is why you are still with them.


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Your scariest secret: You are jealous of everything. It doesn’t matter what someone has or doesn’t have, you are jealous of them.


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Your scariest secret: You’ve never sincerely complimented someone. Every compliment you gave someone was a total lie.

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