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Do You Have Them: 5 Things That Attract Good Energy to Your Home

The energy of your home depends on the things inside it. If you have many things you don’t need, they are blocking the good energy flow. 

The house’s energy is connected to what is inside it, so living in a pile of things you no longer need can be alarming. But, on the other hand, you can create a good atmosphere by getting rid of things that symbolize negativity. 


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Some sheets have specific memories attached to them, but sometimes you just have to throw them away. Generally speaking, all the old stuff should be taken out of your home. Dirty, torn sheets will not look good; they will make your home look cheap and poor.


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Throw away the extra dishes – according to old beliefs, no house should have different dishes. So if you have some spare dishes, you should either throw them away or give them to someone.

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