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Do Not Turn the Other Cheek: Do Not to Forget Who You Are and What More You Could Be

If I could see you right now and knew you would listen, I would tell you so many things. But, first, I would tell you not to forget who you are and what more you could be.

If I knew you wouldn’t roll your eyes at me and still do things your way, I would tell you so many things.

Cry less and smile more.

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Ask for more

Do not put up with bad things.

To frown less because it leaves wrinkles reminds you of the bad things you went through in life.

Learn how to say no

Avoid bad things

Run away from situations or people who make you sad. Even more importantly, never look back.
Instead, listen to your inner voice.

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You deserve better

Do not fix anything which is broken.

Do not turn the other cheek

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