Britney Spears: The Truth About Her Return To Music – EXCLUSIVE details about her plans!


Britney Spears‘ fans are going to have to wait a bit longer for new music from the superstar than anticipated. Following reports that the 40-year-old singer was in talks to embark on a Las Vegas residency and even join The Weeknd‘s upcoming show, The Idol, after she was spotted with him, two sources reported to HollywoodLife that is simply not the case.

“Britney is aware of how her fans are desperately trying to get her to return to music and she is incredibly touched by this. These past few months have really shown her how much she is loved. She knows she has an entire team behind her when she decides to do this and an entire army of supporters, literally. But right now, she is not at all focused on that,” a source close to Britney EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.


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The insider continued, “She is not planning a comeback in the music industry at this time because she is focused solely on building a family with Sam, which includes a wedding and having another child together. She is also putting her energy into looking for a new home to create new memories for her family since the current home she is in now holds some painful ones for her.” Britney announced she and fiancé Sam Asghari, 28, were expecting their first child together in April. Sadly, just a few weeks later, she informed her fans that she had lost the baby.


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While Britney Spears is still expressing herself creatively, it’s through writing and not music at the moment, according to another source. “Britney is still getting used to her life outside of the conservatorship and she’s still healing from everything she went through. She’s doing a lot of writing because it’s very therapeutic for her, getting her truth and her feelings out,” they EXCLUSIVELY divulged to HollywoodLife. “And some of it is poetry that might one day make it into a song but at the moment she isn’t putting that kind of pressure on herself.”


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