Bishop and wife robbed while he delivered Sunday sermon – almost $1 million worth of items stolen

The pastor was midway through a passionate sermon when masked assailants barged in and robbed him and his wife while holding the entire congregation at gunpoint.

Lamor M. Whitehead, a 44-year-old minister renowned for his flashy accessories, vehicles, and attire. He holds the position of bishop at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in the Canarsie district of southeast Brooklyn.

His use of social media has also made him well-known. He has now spoken about the incident on social media, calling it a prime illustration of “how the devil moves.”

Since the devil doesn’t give a damn about anything, he thinks the devil sent these attackers to his Sunday church.

Mayor Eric Adams and the Bishop appear to be close friends. The former sees himself as the current mayor’s “mentee.” He made a failed attempt to unseat Adams as the Brooklyn borough president last year.

While the sermon was being live-streamed, a video of the robbery was published online. How many of you have abandoned your faith because you witnessed someone else die? The Bishop is heard asking his congregation in the footage just before the three gunmen attack the cathedral.

The Bishop sees the gunmen shortly after they enter the building.

The Bishop later posted on Instagram, “I wasn’t sure if they wanted to shoot up the church, or if they were just coming for a heist.” When the Bishop saw them, he dropped to the ground and raised his hands in the air. The crowd could be heard screaming and shouting in the footage.

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