Be Careful When Taking Your Man’s Last Name: Here’s Why

Every family has some history to its last name, which means it has particular karma.

Changing your last name on the day you get married is a commonly known tradition. Still, some girls are questioning if this is the right thing? To give an answer to these ladies, we have consulted Elena Jasevic.

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Considering there is so much stress around your wedding day, it is expected you do not think about the energy the last name carries. However, Elena says that your life can change significantly once you part with your family name.

We inherit the last name from our parents and grandparents. Every family has some kind of karma. Women easily give up their family names. Carrying a name can sometimes be burdensome.

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According to Elena, when a woman marries and takes her man’s last name, she also takes the karma. It turns out she radically changes the course of her life.

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