Barnaby Joyce says that Amber Heard Should be Jailed if She is Guilty of Committing Perjury

Amber Heard arrives at court today (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Australian legislator Barnaby Joyce says that Amber Heard ought to be imprisoned assuming she is at fault for committing prevarication during her 2015 visit to the country.

Simply a month in the wake of losing her serious fight in court against ex Johnny Depp is profoundly conceivable that Amber could confront another court preliminary.

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Presently, an examination is happening into her crime in Australia. Reports guarantee that in 2015, Heard went to Queensland and illicitly took her two canines with her.

The Rum Diary entertainer visited Johnny in Australia when he was going for the ‘Privateers of the Caribbean 5 and took their Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo, with her without pronouncing them to the traditions.

Thusly, Amber broke Australia’s severe quarantine and biosecurity regulations; the nation has a severe 10-day quarantine rule for pets coming in. Subsequently, the entertainer was accused of unlawful sneaking of canines and confronted a preliminary in court.

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