Are You Two Written in The Stars?

Most people want to know their signs, so they can check the level of compatibility with their partner.

To find this out, you must dig deeper into the natal chart. Compatibility depends on many different things. The most important are the planets Mars, Venus and Moon. Their location will give you all the information you need.


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Mars is running your sexuality and vitality. The position of this planet will tell you your turn-on and what turns you off. Its position will dictate if your dreams match your future partners’ dreams – which are the most important. It will also determine your sexual energy.

Example: If your Aries is on Mars – he will make the first move, while the Pisces is a bit more mysterious.


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While Mars is important for your sexual attraction and your goals, Venus will make the difference match well. To be more precise, how well you will work out the common ground.

Venus gives you an insight into your partner’s likes and dislikes, values, what makes them happy, and how he treats others and himself.

Venus is the harmonious planet, problem solver, and the one who handles the breaking points well.

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