Always The Mistress, Never the Wife: 6 Zodiacs Who Were Meant to Be the Other Woman

Being the other woman is never easy. But, for some women, it has a certain appeal. These six zodiacs will usually take this position thanks to their attitude and character.


Picturing the ideal love is easy when single, but once you meet a married man, all the rules are thrown out of the window. While other women respect the ring on the finger, the Aquarius doesn’t see it.


Regarding selfishness, it has been known that Scorpio takes the first place. So it’s no wonder these women are on the list.

They are selfish and will turn their back on their loved ones just to get what they want. Their lust for life will soon turn into a passion for married men.


They have the most significant potential of being someone’s lover. The reason is their selfishness. Their desire to do the right thing puts them near the bottom of the list.

However, selfishness is stronger than the desire to do the right thing. That’s why she ends up being the mistress.

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