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AITA For Not Wanting to Name My Daughter After My Husband’s Deceased Wife and Daughter?

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My husband John, 32m and I 30f got married 2 years ago. I’m John’s second wife. His first wife Isabel died 9 years ago in a car accident while driving to an appointment. At the time, she was 7 months pregnant with a baby girl they planned to name Rose.

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Unfortunately, rose also passed in the accident. John wasn’t in the accident, but he blamed himself for their deaths since he was working and couldn’t get time off to drive Isabel. Obviously, this was very traumatic, and he had to go to therapy for a long time to recover. He still talks about Isabel sometimes and has pictures of her in the house.

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5 months ago, I found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t planned, but John and I were still thrilled. A few days ago, I went to an ultrasound appointment, revealing we’re having a girl. We’ve been throwing baby name suggestions around for the past few days.

However, he came to me this morning and said he finally knew our daughter’s name—Isabel as a first name and Rose as a middle name. I was taken aback for apparent reasons and asked him why. He looked at me weirdly and said it was to honor his late wife and daughter.

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This was surprising to me since we’ve talked about having kids before, and he’s never mentioned wanting to name our kids after Isabel or Rose. I told him I wasn’t comfortable naming our child Isabel Rose since it would feel like we were trying to replace them.

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