9 Things You Do That Make a Man Run Away

If you loved me, you would have done it. This is the worst thing a woman can do. We are used to blaming men for everything wrong with our lives. They are the ones who cannot show emotions. They can never open up and just let go. But, how cruel can a woman indeed be? 

RULE 9: Never give your actual number 

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Women are used to making up a lot of things and using tricks. They use this one because they wish to seem hard to get. This way, she will seem like a polite and friendly girl and not the stuck-up girl she thinks she is.

Rule 8: Let him pay for the drink 

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A woman pretending not to bring her wallet or not bringing it to the first date is nothing unusual. She has a plan to charm her way to get a couple of free drinks and even starts a conversation with a man to make it come true. Those who play it nicely will let a man take her out on the second day, while the devilish ones might stick with flirting a bit.

Rule 7: Keep your man until a better one comes

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Cruelty is not in the seducing, but cruelty is in the prolonging of an already bad relationship. Some women cannot stand being alone and have to have a man in their life. Even if she no longer has any feelings, she will keep this one until she finds someone better. Not only is she wasting her time, but she is wasting the poor guy’s time – giving him hope things will work out. The better future she hopes for usually means starting a new relationship.

Rule 6: Use tears as a weapon

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It is a healthy fact that men fall for a woman in trouble. To get her way, a woman will use tears as a weapon – even if she might not feel sad.

RULE 5: Badmouth him in front of everybody

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Some women just enjoy publicly humiliating their man and making him feel bad about himself. 

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