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8 Things Proving That He Is an Emotional Abuser

Escaping an emotional abuser is never easy, especially if you are not sure if you are the victim or not. However, if you doubt these 8 things, it should clear it up for you.

A relationship where one minute he is the softest man on earth and the next he is filled with range doesn’t stand a chance. So if you are in a relationship like this, get out while you still can.


He wants you to cut off communication with the outside world, including your friends and family. Unfortunately, if you listen to him, you might become an easy target.

7. Jealousy 

Jealousy is healthy, but not in this case – he is jealous of everything. The thought of you moving up and becoming independent appalls him. But, if he genuinely loves you, he will support your dreams and anything that makes you happy.


He makes a big scene over the littlest things. He just wants to fight and never wants to admit he is wrong. His anger scares you; if you are afraid he might hurt you, you should ask for help.


An emotional abuser will do anything to make you snap and make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes he will even use force to show how strong he is. If he makes you anxious or scared, you should run away as far away as possible.

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