8 Signs He Is a Bachelor Forever, And He Will Never Put a Ring On It

Recognizing a man who cannot get attached or doesn’t want a serious relationship is not easy, so we will give you a few pieces of advice. These men are usually in their middle ages and have many exes—smooth, attractive, charming, and great lovers – just some words used to describe them.

He wants to control every aspect of their lives, and they run away from responsibilities. So talking about the future doesn’t include family or anything like it.

However, even if a man tells you at the very beginning he doesn’t want anything serious, you see it as a challenge rather than a warning. Every woman lives in the illusion that she is the one who will change him and make a decent man out of him.

Psychologist Pam Spur suggests you analyze your partner’s behavior. If you spot some of the below-mentioned characteristics, you are dealing with a man who never wants to get married. Then, it is up to you to decide what to do next: being a naive one thinking he will change or looking for someone who has the same ideas and beliefs as you.


You meet only when it is convenient for him, or he is in the mood. But, on the other hand, if you feel like it, he never answers the phone.

7. Man or a mystery? 

He might tell you he went to a match but won’t share the details with you. So you will never know where or who was with him. He doesn’t want y know about his day.


You might be going out for months, but no one believes he is honest – none of your friends or your family have met him. He never wants his friends or family to know about you, either.

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