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7 Things We Need to Stop Saying to Women Over 40

4. “There are a lot of health issues with pregnancy over 40.”

Trust us, any woman over the age of 40 who is considering pregnancy knows this already. Oh, and she has a doctor. So unless you have an M.D. after your name, you can just zip it.

5. “Are you sure you should be wearing that mini skirt?”

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If your 20s were all about making mistakes and your 30s were all about finding your groove, your 40s are about not giving a f*ck about what anyone else thinks. Meaning, you should absolutely rock that mini skirt, sequin top or ripped denim if you want to

6. “Oh, it’s a young person thing… you wouldn’t get it.”

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She knows what TikTok is, OK? Sure, you may have to explain what BeReal is or what “drip” means, but remember that you too will one day be over 40 and have to ask someone to demystify the latest social media trend or slang term. So cut the patronizing and be nice.

7. “Are you going through menopause or something?”

Excuse you? Have you ever had someone chalk up your behavior to PMS? Did you like it? We think not.

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