7 Signs Showing You Are Destroying Your Marriage

Once things go wrong in a relationship or marriage, we blame our partner. We say things like – they don’t pay attention, get mad for no reason, seem to be drifting apart, etc. However, it takes two to make things work or not.

If you have problems, you should sit down with your partner and figure out what to do. Here are some signs that your relationship is going in the wrong direction.


Spending most of the time using your phone or computer could mean you are addicted. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common causes of many breakups. 

6. Wrong priorities 

Even with a busy schedule, your significant other should be one of the priorities. 

The 2/2/2 method can save your relationship: date night once every 2 weeks, a weekend getaway every 2 months, and vacation at least once in 2 years.


Simple thank you sounds trivial, but believe us when we say it will mean a lot. Because you have been together for years, your partner still wants to feel appreciated. Even if it is just for picking you up or making you dinner, a little thank will go a long way.

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