7 Reasons You Should Never Go Back to Your Ex

After a break-up and trying to move on, some girls just give up and go back to their ex. They think that there is no one better for them. Many sleepless nights, crying, and the feeling of missing his sorry ass cause it. Could it be that there is no one else for you? 

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You tend to forget the wrong things because your heart starts beating faster, and the brain is shut down. Did he change? Will things be better? Will he appreciate me more this time around? 

Although you might have forgotten what he did to hurt you, here are 7 reasons not to take a step back. 


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If you were the one to end it and wanted to build a future without the heartbreak, why would you go back to a place full of bad memories? 

Of course, you should never forget why you broke up in the first place and whether things would be different. Even if you cannot remember the exact reason, maybe you could fix it? But, on the other hand, if you know why you left him in the first place, why go back to the same arguments? 


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Couples break up once they cannot find a solution to their problems or if they cannot find common ground. Why do you think the issues suddenly disappeared? 

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