6 Types of Guys You Won’t Date After 30 For Sure

Times change, and so do people. Everyone carries some emotional baggage, and most people change because of it. Your views change, and so does your taste. 

The same goes for your ideal type and idea of a healthy relationship. After turning 30, you would never date the guys you used to date.


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The worst types of men are those who do not understand personal space and don’t want to quit. Although you might think that much attention is good, soon you will see he just won’t let you breathe. 

Once you get the self-confidence, you will find this type of guy annoying.


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This is one of the most usual traps – he lures in you with his hot body, but once you get to know him, you see he is just muscles, and that’s it.

Of course, he will turn on you with his looks, but you are not going to just stare at him the whole time. He avoids severe topics because he just doesn’t have much to say. Once you grow up, you will get rid of that boy. 


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He has the reputation of Casanova, which makes every woman in the town want him. Were you one of them, right? 

You loved him despite his flaws, but once you realized he was playing you, a decision was made. You don’t need someone like that in your life. 

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