6 Types of Guys Who Were Not Made for A Serious Relationship

Happy relationships are built from a hundred small bits and pieces. One thing everyone agrees on is the importance of trust. However, some people can never stay loyal no matter how hard they try.

It is only a matter of time before they will cross the line. But, unfortunately, there are types of people who were not made for a serious relationship. They will only bring you heartbreak and waste your time.


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Ego maniacs are incapable of loving anyone else but themselves. They want to be loved, and they feed their soul on it. They are in constant search of a perfect partner. They are never satisfied with their relationship, and it’s never their fault if things go wrong.


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The process of seduction and the relationship start are essential for a hopeless romantic. They like the thrill of the chase, and they get bored quickly. To avoid this, desperate romantics always find some new things to keep them entertained. They hate boundaries, and they appreciate solo life more than anything.


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Not everyone is confident all the time. However, if someone searches for others’ approval all the time, it is a big red flag. Once they doubt even a little, they will find someone else. This is all to boost their confidence.

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