6 Signs Your Relationship Needs Some Fixing Up

All relationships go through different phases, just as humans do. We evolve, our interests change, and our personality changes. Our relationship grows with us. It is natural, and the goal is to grow together, not apart.

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Some of the changes are for the better, some for the worse. But, unfortunately, the second ones start slowly, and you feel your partner growing apart.

In the further lines, we disclose the signs that you and your partner are going your separate ways and tell you how to get on the right track again.


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One of the most subtle signs, and maybe the first one when you grow apart, is the amount of eye contact. The less he looks you directly in the eyes, the more apart you are.

Of course, it is not the same for everyone because some couples are shy at first, so they avoid the glances. But if you notice some change, it usually means something is wrong.


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Maybe you need some time for yourself, or perhaps you need a getaway trip without your significant other, or maybe your partner has started working late more often. We are not saying you should be together 24/7 (this is not the best either), but if you suddenly feel like spending less time with each other, something is fishy.

Another thing you should think about is why you suddenly don’t have time for each other.


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Maybe you think you are spending time together or sitting next to each other – but how much time are you close, bonding with each other?

Watching TV, going out with friends, or playing games – you are together, but you are not directly communicating. It can be good, but mostly it is a sign you are getting sick of each other.

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