6 Reasons Why Waiting for The Right One Is Keeping You from Having the Time of Your Life

You couldn’t read this now if your parents didn’t do it. So, why do you feel so ashamed about being horny and wanting to do it? You are probably afraid of judgment.

Sleeping with the one you want doesn’t make you a whore. The best thing is to do with one person at a time. You shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself about the number of partners.

No matter if you do not do it, because you are afraid of being judged or want someone to tell you it is all right. We made a 6 reasons list for why it is okay to do it with whoever you want.

Making love is magical 

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As we already said, that’s what brought you to this world. 

$ex is a good experience that should be shared with a special someone, which doesn’t mean you should use it to keep a man. If the two of you want to make it into something serious – great, but just being with someone for the bodily pleasures is not such a bad thing. 

The number is not that important 

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Contrary to the belief, you will not be worth less if you do it with more than one person. So for your self-respect, keep the number descent. $ex should be with someone you got feelings for and should be done only if you feel like it.

Your $ex life is just yours 

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The only one who knows about it – is your bed. So be picky when it comes to the one you love – it shouldn’t be a man who likes to talk about it to his boys.

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