5 Things He Wants from You, But Will Never Tell You

No one expects us to read their minds, and most women do not get that. One of the reasons men keep quiet is that they want to preserve their “macho” image. What is actually? What do they want? Let’s check it out.


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Studies have shown that men desperately want to be respected by their women.

If you doubt it, ask a man and see what he will say. This is one of the most important things a man wants from a woman but never tells her. Why is it so important to keep it a secret? 

To put it simply, when a man is respected by his woman, he feels more relaxed and sure. It means he is vital to you, and you show him you appreciate him.


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Admiration and respect are a match made in heaven.

Men usually love to be admired, but there’s a catch – it has to be genuine. Fake compliments and sarcastic praise are not appreciated. Still, if you are honest while praising him, he will undoubtedly enjoy it.

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