5 Steps on How to Chill You Down but Drive Him Nuts

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These tips and tricks will drive him crazy, but you should be careful: you are playing a dangerous game. No matter if you just broke up or met him, we still have a reason to be jealous. You know the feeling when you want to make him jealous and feel bad. It would be nice to talk it out, but it is not that easy.

These 5 steps will make you the queen of the game, and it will drive him crazy: 


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Try to be as chill as possible. Buy everything you like and do anything that makes you feel good about yourself! Get a new haircut, go out of town, and do a crazy night out with your friends –if you want to be happy, just be! Be aware of how cool you are and take the game into your own hands! 


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It is crucial for your little vengeance plan, when and how, and what you post! But be careful not to overdo it. The key to success is being cool about it and staying low–key–giving little hints but never revealing everything. Your pics should look casual and accidental. If you are on a trip, ignore the comments.

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