5 Signs He Is Totally in Love with Himself

When he walks into a room, it is like the sun just walked in. He is charming, but he is so self-centered that it is astonishing. He only has room in his heart for one person – himself.

He likes to use people and doesn’t mind hurting people. But, since he loves being loved, he will play nice until you fall for him.

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Once you are done with him and pick up the broken pieces of your heart, it will be a lesson for you, and you will never want to be with someone like that again.

It is better to know in advance, so we have prepared 5 signs for you – here is how to tell if he is a self-centered, egomaniac.


When you go out with some like that, they will do everything and anything to stay in the spotlight.

But, at the same time, they want you to be proud of yourself because they have chosen you.


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They cannot stand someone else having the spotlight. They even become angry if someone else is in the spotlight.

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